Photographie mit Miri | Moments in between

Ich hatte hier schon mal davon berichtet, dass ich mehr von meinem photoshoot mit Miri zeigen werde und hier ist nun der erste Teil. Dazu teile ich ein paar Gedankenfetzen, diesmal auf englisch.

These moments in between where I feel everything and nothing. A hole between to big parts of a life. Of my life.
One of these moments was two years ago.

I just had finished my first big education part. The 'you go there because you chose it but actually you go there hoping you get the best education and better options for life' part. High school and the final exams.

I had a plan and I had no plan.
I had a plan for the next couple of months but after that there was a big hole.

A big question mark
A mystery, I did not know how to solve.
It made me very emotional. Like a lot. In very different directions.

I also had the feeling that all my friends new exactly what to do. Except me. Which wasn't true but that wouldn't change anything for me and my decision for my own life. 

I asked myself a lot of questions. 

Every day. Every free hour and minute.

What should I do? What do I want to do? 
Am I good enough for the university course I love to do?

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